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Lip Service is the story of Charlotte, an erotica audiobook narrator who, under a pseudonym, spends hours recording steamy romance novels in her tiny, unventilated and overstuffed closet. Outside of her makeshift recording studio, her own life is falling apart.


Emily Tremaine

The subject of LIP SERVICE is close to home. I have been a romantica (romance + erotica) audiobook reader for the past 6 years. I record audiobooks under a pseudonym in my cramped closet, with my head and microphone stuck inside a foam-lined cardboard box that I tell my publishers is a “home studio.”  I began to realize, as I narrated more and more books, how far away my own life was from the fantasies I was reading. 


I made this film for my pseudonym, Charlotte: an aggressively honest, dark comedy about a female audiobook reader who struggles with the juxtaposition of her own reality and the fantasy life she records.


When you pay someone “lip service,” it means you tell a person what he or she wants to hear. I wanted to take a bracingly honest approach to portraying female sexuality and navigating difficult relationships, and provide a glimpse of reality behind the fantasy. I want people to cheer for Charlotte and see what choices she makes next in her journey as she emerges from her proverbial closet.